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Certified Legal Video Specialists
Video Depositions
All Riverside Media videographers are CLVS’s (Certified Legal Video Specialists) or CLVS trained. Your depositions can be delivered in any format, either standalone or synchronized with the transcript for use with any trial presentation software (see below).
If you need a conference room, ours is complimentary. Riverside Media is conveniently located 20 minutes from downtown Houston, just west of the Galleria area. We provide free covered parking, Wi-Fi internet access, speakerphone, great coffee and many other amenities!
*  View video transcript testimony and create clips - it's as easy as using a highlighter!
* Use keywords to search through transcripts and jump directly to specific video segments
* Review linked exhibits related to the deposition
* Print full page or condensed versions of the transcript
* Export clips with synchronized text to Microsoft® PowerPoint®
* Present video in full screen mode
* Take snapshots of any frame in your video
* Export synchronized video depositions with linked exhibits to other major programs such as TrialDirector, LiveNote®, and Summation®
* Copy and paste key testimony excerpts for use in summaries, motions, and briefs
* Create single and multi-segment clips; edit multi-segment clips to 1/10th of a second
* Email video clips

We can deliver your depositions as DepoView DVD's, which allow you to:
True Elmo depositions with picture-in-picture presentation, and simultaneous 'clean' recording in case the exhibit is not admitted.
'Elmo' Depos

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